This song was the first song that I recorded after hurricane Katrina had destroyed my home and nearly my body in Louisiana. I had a successful career in rock music in a New Orleans based band called Toyz in the late 70s and 80s. We toured with Toto, Eddie Money, Humble Pie and other famous groups. I also worked in the studio with very amazing artist honing my craft and decided to form another recording group that became called Escape. That group was also very successful and was on the verge of fame and fortune when, as most groups do, we parted ways. Something was missing.

I began to focus on calling attention to our Creator. Put God in Your Heart was truely written while I was trying to compose another song.

Today is Jesus' Birthday is a Christmas tune that I wrote for the youngsters to sing in Church. Perhaps I can record the children performing it as a bonus track on the album.

I am witing more songs and hope to release them soon.



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